4810 Birds, butterflies and wetlands

After the rain the town common explodes with birdlife and butterflies. We did the Lagoon trail walk which is 4.6km and takes about 2hrs to walk.

If you walk quietly and not make too much noise you will see magpie geese and other birds hiding in the long grasses. We walked past an area of Pandanus palms. I wonder what they taste like? You can eat them, but you can't eat any that are in a National Park. 

Watch out for mountain bikes on this trail. The trail takes you across the bank of the lagoon and when the water is still you can see a perfect reflection of the hills and rock.  Make sure you take water and a snack.  Please take your rubbish with you as the town common is a national park and there are no bins on the tracks. Remember birds don't eat plastic.

We got side tracked and walked over to where the old road was as it looked interesting. The wooden posts looked like they had been there for many years. We saw little birds walking across the mud and water. How do they float acorss and not get their feet muddy?

Walking along the top of the lagoon wall if you look the other way you can see the cracked mud. The ground was so dry before the rain the earth cracked. It looks like a big jigsaw puzzle.

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