4371 Yangan

I went to visit my Aunty Jackie who lives on a farm just outside Yangan, in southern Queensland. It was so beautiful. She was getting ready for a big party.

 It looked like rain. There were two rainbows in the sky. Aunty Jackie says they are double good luck. The rain cleared up just before the party.

 I went for a walk down to the sheds and saw a tall windmill. The wind blows the fans and it pumps water from the ground below.

 I think Aunty Jackie's garden looks like a magic garden. I wonder if the people in  the other house can see the rainbow. It looks so green after the rain.

 I love Uncle Ian's Black Angus cattle and I got to see a baby calf really close. I love visiting the farm.

#farm #party #Yangan #countryside #australia #EllyRose #cattledog #haybales #doublerainbow #rainbow #cattle

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