4849- Cardwell

Cardwell is a small coastal town right on the beach, 165km North of Townsville. Cardwell was devastated by cyclone Yasi in 2011. Cyclone Yasi was was a very powerful and destructive cyclone, one of the largest in Australian history with winds up to 290km/hr.

Two years later a 5km foreshore redevelopment was completed and Cardwell is the lovely town that we see now. There is quite a lot to do and see around this area. We stopped at Dead Horse Creek for a swim, then had lunch at the Spa Pools, did a couple of walks to different lookouts and spent the afternoon at the beach and fishing off the Cardwell Jetty.

 Dead Horse Creek, a lovely place for a swim with smaller children, not to far to walk down to and nice and shallow areas.

 The natural Spa Pools, very popular with families. Very close to carpark and access is good. You can sit in the spa pool, or swim in the deeper water below. The water is an amazing turquoise colour.

The Cardwell jetty is a great spot for fishing and was completed in 1875.

 The Cardwell Jetty.

The view from Panjoo Lookout, at the top of the Cardwell Range. A short easy walk through the rainforest.  Panoramic views of Hinchinbrook Island and the Great Barrier Reef.

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