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The Elly Rose Adventures- Selfies from Townsville

ISBN: 978-0-6480513-0-5

Softcover $19.95

Age 0-8yrs (approx. 800 words, 24  pages)


 When would you fly in a seaplane, see fish sleeping on their sides and eat ice cream while walking along the beach? When you visit your Nana in Townsville, anything is possible.


Elly Rose's parents travel the world on assignments for an Australian Newspaper in Sydney. She is a seasoned traveller but has never travelled on her own before. Things are about to change as she embarks on an adventure to Townsville and learns about culture and lifestyle in beautiful North Queensland.


The Elly Rose Journals- Townsville


Softcover $19.95

6-12yrs (approx. 3000 words, 24 pages)


for the older sibling or reader. The book explores Elly Rose adventures - Selfies from Townsville The Elly Rose Journals- Townsville is an extension of the culture and history of Townsville and Magnetic Island. Elly Rose records facts and photos and she writes about her experiences in her journal. 


An educational addition to the children's picture book.

Elly Rose in Sri Lanka


Softcover $19.95

4-8yrs (approx. 970 words, 32 pages)


Elly Rose accompanies her mother to Sri Lanka for a festival, but her plans change when she decides to help Aruni find a lost baby elephants family before the monsoon rains come.


The adventure takes them to many places and Elly must use the navigational skills Dad had taught her. what do they do when a cheek monkey steals their map? 


Two girls, one elephant, and a stowaway mouse!

What an adventure.

Through the door- to Sri Lanka


Hardcover $24.95

6-12yrs (approx. 3000 words, 36 pages)


Walk through the door and join the author Maggie and her daughter on a personal adventure through beautiful Sri Lanka. A fascinating country, enriched with the dramatic history of Kandy kings and murder. A country influenced by the Portuguese, Dutch and British in colonial times. A country with three main languages and diverse religions and culture. 


An ideal book for children who like to learn about other countries and cultures.

The perfect reference companion to Elly Rose in Sri Lanka.


Elly Rose in Japan


Softcover $19.95

4-8yrs (approx. 980 words, 32 pages)


An unexpected typhoon disrupts Elly Rose's tour of the Imperial Palace and she must stay the night. The typhoon brings more than just destructive winds. It brings adventure and friendship.

One typhoon. Two girls. Two cultures. One goal.

To save the emperor's life



Elly Rose in Denmark


Softcovercover $19.95

4-8yrs (approx. 900 words, 36 pages)


Have you ever wondered what a white Christmas would be like?

Elly spends Christmas in Denmark with Aunty Nete. Together they enjoy special treats only available ay Christmas time. They visit Tivoli Gardens and choose their own, real Christmas tree.

Elly Rose has one wish...

For it to snow on Christmas Eve




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